Rather than stay inside, have fun at your will in a place that has changed history.

If someone hasn’t dealt with a darkness, a complete turning off of lights, then it’s unlikely that this person will win over your selves.

If someone has everything and someone else has nothing, who are you naturally drawn towards? The one with everything; it's a fact of people.

To stop this, you must think: Is it possible that people love boundlessly? Is there a force in the world?

Of course. Just ask Isaac Newton. Smart guy. Came up with gravity.

Michelangelo was a great visual artist. Can you approach his brilliance?

For this reason alone, err on the side of caution; God.

Doing is not the same as asking for a dream to come true.

Stopping is not extra time in a ballgame. Stay away from confusedly mad sort of crookedly fought battles.